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10 reasons to open a TwinSpires account to bet the Derby

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The Kentucky Derby is only a few days away.  Where will you be betting on it?

1.  I’m going to the Derby – Well, good for you!  I wish I was going.  Last year, there were 153,563 in attendance on Derby Day.  Are you planning to stand in line behind all of those knuckleheads to place your bets or would you like to have the option of either phoning your bets in to a TwinSpires operator or even placing them yourself with your smartphone on the TwinSpires mobile wagering platform?  Oh, and if you’re at Churchill Downs or many other CDI tracks and OTB’s, you can even deposit funds into your account in person.

2.  I’m going to watch and bet at an OTB parlor – If you’re doing it in New York State, most OTB’s skim about 6% off the top of your winning wagers (and still can’t make a profit!).  TwinSpires pays full track prices on all wagers and you can watch the same simulcast feed online at that you would see at the OTB parlor. Playing the races online at is like having your own OTB at home.

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3.  I’m going place my bets early at the track or OTB and watch the race on TV at home – That’s a good plan, but what if there’s a scratch or you forget to make a bet or you see a horse in the post parade that looks great (or terrible) and you want to get a late bet in?  If you have a TwinSpires account you can pick up the phone or jump online and get that late bet in before the race goes off.

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4.  Free Brisnet Past Performances – Place any wager with TwinSpires and the Brisnet Ultimate PP’s for that track are free!

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5.  $100 Sign-up Bonus – You do have to jump through a few hoops to get it, but it doesn’t look too hard to pick up a free $100.

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6-10.  Free Race Replays.  Twin Spires Club Reward Points.  Conditional Wagering.  Wager Cancellation.  Online Contests.

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